In 2009, the Headmistress submitted an invoice for the cost of two stoves that the school needed. Denise Thompson ( NRMSS Alumni Assoc. Guyana Branch President) made the  following appeal on Facebook,” I am appealing to everyone for a donation towards the purchase of these stoves. Remember we were once part of that school and would now like to see those kids perform just as well or better than we did. If everyone pledges a small contribution then we can meet our target”.  Ms. Thompson coordinated this project from Guyana , inconjunction with Nalini Singh on behalf of the US Chapter.  An account at Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. Together we collected (US)$1,350.00;  equivalent G$270,000. The cost of the two stoves were  G$268,000.below is the story.

Denise Thompson wrote this on Facebook:

A very hearty thank you to all those persons who contributed to the purchase of the stoves for the Home Economics department. Without your contribution this valuable asset could not be presented to the school. The students at the school have determination and I know that they will value our contribution. A special thank you to the following persons whose donation made the presentation possible:
Shaun & Bibi Beckles
Darren Braithwaite
Raymond Hall
Claude Cummings
Simone Peters
Mark Johnston
Denise Thompson
Karen Skinner
Tracy Cummings
Roxanne Gittens Thomas
Tricia Narine Campbell
Karen Rose Baker
Nalini Singh Lindsay
Tannis Watson Bazil
Rawle Henry
Godfrey Layne
Simone Phillips
Sharon Duncan Van Cooten
Carol Hinds Yearwood