The primary focus of the NRMSS Alumni Association this year is to establish a computer lab that is equipped with 40 computers running on a local network.  We are currently working on this project in conjunction with the Principal, and the Alumni chapter in Guyana.  We’ve recently received a quotation, including the scope of work that will be done in three phases.
There are more than 100 eager students scheduled to take Information Technology this year at CXC. However, the current computers in the Lab need to be replaced.  It is the hope of the committee, and with the help of each of you, that we can make the dreams to succeed become a reality for these students. The question is can we do it? Yes we can is not a newly coined phrase by President Barack Obama, as some of us might remember we sang “Let us cooperate for Guyana. … Can we do it? Yes we can!” It is my belief as the President of this association that we can, we must, and we will. Therefore, I humbly encourage you to support this project and help these students to be successful.
Below you’ll find pertinent information regarding the scope of work to begin shortly, as well as how you can assist with this project.

Phase One: Rewire and Preparation:

To rewire the computer lab to function on a separate circuit, and install power supply 120V-240V for UPS and outlets on work station.  This phase will cost G$800,000.00 which is equivalent to US$4,000.00. The funds will be disbursed shortly.

Phase Two and Three:  Purchasing and Installation:

We would like to purchase 15 -20 and 20 – 25 computers respectively, wireless routers, APC UPS and APC surge arrest. We are in discussion with a supplier in Guyana and will update the general body as a decision is reached. However, comparable system requirements can be found at the following links:
2.  – Desktop and All-In-One PC’s/p6700z series

Ways you can help:

1. Become a financial member by paying your $25.00 annual membership dues.
2. Make a financial donation to the NRMSS Alumni Association “Giving Back” Fund. We are a  501©3 designated Organization, so all your donations is tax deductable.
3. Do not dismiss a fund raising event because you do not reside in the state in which it is taking place. You can support by sponsoring one or two person(s) that would like to attend but cannot afford it at this time, or just by encouraging your classmates, friend, and family in that state to attend.
It is estimated that this project will eventually cost approximately G$5 million which is equivalent to US$25,000.00