We Are Here To Serve You

In September 2010, a group of former Multilateral students hosted a reunion in recognition of the school’s 35th anniversary. Due to the overwhelming response and support from other alumni residing in the United States, Guyana, and other countries, we decided to re-launch the Alumni Association with the sole purpose of creating ways of supporting our alma mater.
The NRMSS Alumni Association Inc., is a New York 501C (3) not-for-profit corporation.  Our goals include:
  1. establishing and maintaining a unified relationship with the current administration, thereby creating a natural sense of camaraderie that represents the institution we gratefully call our alma mater,
  2. developing a dynamic organization that serves as the voice of all alumni, working in partnership with the administration for the benefit of all current and future students,
  3. enhancing the growth of NRMSS by providing a wide range of resources that will open doors of opportunities for all students,
  4. aiding in the improvement of the overall condition of the facility and rehabilitating deteriorated and abandoned areas,
  5. building and strengthening the organization that will foster a legacy for generations to come.
We encourage all former students (regardless of your location), to kindly join us in our quest of bringing back the school to the level we once benefited from.  The great teachers helped to mold us and continues to hold many pleasant memories in our hearts.  This institution produced many successful citizens.
NRMSS Building