Renita Duesbury TylerFellow committee members and Alums, please note I do not take this transition to President lightly. As a matter of fact, I think it is indeed a great honor to complete this term as the President of our Association. I am deeply moved by the positive expressions being conveyed and for the confidence you have shown in my abilities. This is a responsibility I do not take flippantly. I will endeavor to give of my best for the duration of this term and execute my duties openly and with transparency.

I aim to continue leading this cohesive, efficient and effective group, so that together we can attain the goals and objectives of NRMSS.  My desire is to ensure we continue to give back to the students of our beloved Alma Mater, and to assist the staff et al., and to do so to the best of our group’s ability. I hope that if I ever falter on any assignment, that you show me the error of my ways and that we will forge ahead to collectively and rationally discuss any and all issues and find mutually beneficial solutions to each one.

This is a volunteer organization, and I applaud and thank each and every one for taking their valuable time to serve on this committee, I want to thank those who set aside time to attend our general meetings, also acknowledge those who attend our fund raising events, those who pay their dues and finally all those who make donations to the organization. These efforts I do not take for granted because I know I fiercely guard my own free time and so I aim to truly respect yours.

We are a diverse group in terms of age, time frame we attended NRMSS, place of residence, upbringing and experiences etc., I see this diversity as advantageous and a fact we can capitalize on to bridge the gap that seems to exist between the generations of past students. In addition, we all have different skill sets and abilities, which, if harnessed properly, can result in positive outcomes for NRMSS.

Therefore, I would like to urge my fellow alumni in the diaspora to come onboard and help us to be the dynamic and productive organization we can be. I truly believe in the team concept. I find that working side by side, listening to everyone’s thoughts, soliciting everyone’s input/buy-in, feedback and opinions, and by voting on the best and most effective choices seems to work. Hence, I look forward to working with all of you, to continue advancing the goals and objectives of this chapter of the NRMSS alumni.

Again, I am truly humbled you asked me to fill the vacated position. And now, let’s work together to achieve all of NRMSS’s goals and objectives.



Renita A.Tyler