Executive Committee

Renita Tyler
Renita TylerPresident
Renita Tyler is returning as president of NRMSS Alumni Association. As a former president, team captain, supervisor, coach, trainer and chairperson, Renita has amassed a wealth of leadership experience and skills, which she can devote to enable the team to achieve goals and objectives. Renita believes open communication, diplomacy, transparency, and teamwork, are catalytic factors, when combined with other factors, results in achieving the goals and objectives. As a dedicated alum, Renita prefers to communicate with the school’s head, the teachers and PTA, to fully understand the needs of the school and students, then together with the team, work to fulfil the school’s requests to the best of their abilities. Renita resides in the US. Her favorite saying is, ‘Teamwork makes the dream work”.
Renita can be contacted by email at: president@nrmssalumni.com
Dr. Paula Ramsay-Douglas
Dr. Paula Ramsay-DouglasVice President
Dr. Paula Ramsay-Douglas, DNP, attended North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School (NRMSS) in 1975. Studied Arts and majored in Music. Joined the Guyana Police Force Band and played the B Flat and E Flat Clarinets. In 1982, at age 18 years, I was promoted to Corporal of Police by the late President Linden Forbes Samson Burnham. In 1989, migrated to the United States of America (USA) and joined the nursing profession. Studied at the College of Staten Island and obtained my Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) degree in 1995 and Master of Science Nursing (MSN) degree with Clinical Nurse Specialist (CSN) in Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (A-GNP) in 2014. In 2021, completed my Doctoral Degree in Nursing Practice (DNP), Healthcare Systems Leadership, at Chamberlain University.
Dr. Paula Ramsay-Douglas, DNP works for the Health and Hospitals Cooperation (HHC) for over 30 years and is an Associate Director of Nursing, Perioperative Services. As a certified A-GNP, works part-time in-Home Care performing Home Risk Assessment to adults and the elderly population. Most of my adult years, I worked as a nurse, healthcare practitioner, leader, and advocate. I supervise nurses and ancillary staff and serve and care for patients, families, and staff with compassion, excellence, respect, and integrity. I am married and have two adult daughters. My husband Errol and I enjoy road trips, travelling to different USA states enjoying the beautiful sceneries, and visiting various historical landmarks of interest. My hobbies are cooking, outdoor gardening with my husband, and caring for indoor plants throughout the year. As your elected Vice President, I promise to serve in this role with humility and gratitude.
Paula can be contacted by email at: vp@nrmssalumni.com
Gillian Wyles
Gillian WylesSecretary
Gillian is one of the founding members of this organization. She has served as Secretary previously. She is a very knowledgeable and dynamic individual who uses her teaching experience to direct this team. Gillian has served on many teams and is thus able to transfer those skills to augment the committee. She is a long time member who has proven she is very dedicated to the success of the organization.
Gillian can be contacted by email at: secretary@nrmssalumni.com
Karen Skinner
Karen SkinnerTreasurer
Karen Skinner attended NRMSS from 1975 – 1980 and was in the Business Stream. She migrated to the USA in July 1980 and resides in New York. She is a graduate of Baruch College with a Finance degree. She happened to be one of the founding members of the NRMSS Alumni Association (US Chapter), where she served as Secretary and Treasurer before.
Karen can be contacted by email at treasurer@nrmssalumni.com.
Sonia Chase-Rodney
Sonia Chase-RodneyAssistant Secretary
Sonia Chase Rodney is the Assistant Treasurer for NRMSS USA Chapter.  She attended NRMSS in 1985 to 1990. Sonia was in the Science Stream and actively participated in Track and Field events during that period. Sonia was also the Assistant Secretary for Guyana chapter. Sonia resides in Virginia. She is an LPN, and the mother of have three children.
Sonia can be contacted by email at: assistantsecretary@nrmssalumni.com
Lawrence Prescott
Lawrence PrescottPublic Relations Officer


Brian Daniels
Brian DanielsDirector
Brian was in Business Stream at NRMSS. He attended our Alma Mater from 1975 to 1979. He is currently a patient navigator/ case manager for Cancer services Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Queens. His role in the HealthCare field also focuses on cancer care for the uninsured and underserved population.

Brian is the ultimate professional who brings a lot of organizational and volunteering skills to the team. Brian believes in giving back and paying it forward. Even before joining the committee, Brian played a vital role in helping NRMSS achieve their fundraising goals. On several occasions, Brian engaged his family and together, they hosted several fundraisers and donated all of the funds raised to the organization. Mr. Daniels is a true team player who is always willing to step up in any role. This positive attitude makes him a welcomed addition to the team.
Brian resides in Queens with his wife and children. Brian and his family also host an annual fundraiser called Real Men Wear Pink in September to raise awareness of and funds for breast cancer.
Brian can be contacted by email at: directordaniels@nrmssalumni.com

Allison Bishop
Allison BishopDirector
Allison Bishop Hubbard completed her education at NRMSS in 1985 in the Arts stream. She migrated to New York in 1988 and continued her education at New York City Technical College then at Baruch College.
Allison states that it is with great pleasure that he decided to give of her service to help with the next generation of Multi graduates. She promises to do her utmost to promote and encourage the future generation of NRMSS students to be all they inspire to be. She currently resides in Conyers, Georgia with her husband and daughter.
Allison can be contacted by email at: directorahubbard@nrmssalumni.com
Randy Rankin
Randy RankinDirector
Randy Rankin attended the NRMSS from 1979 – 1981, and was in the Commerce Stream. After graduation he did a short stint at the Sanata Textile as a Production Statistical Clerk, before starting a career in law enforcement with the Guyana Police Force. He then migrated to the United States and have been a Law Enforcement Officer for over two (2) decades in New York City and is presently in a Supervisory position.
I am a hard-working individual who promise to always give my best. My Main desire is to assist with the growth and development of the NRMSS Alumni Association because I do believe in Alumni’s main objective which is giving back.
Randy can be contacted by email: directorrrankin@nrmssalumni.com
Samuel John
Samuel JohnDirector
Samuel John is an original 1975 student of NRMSS. He has been a director from the start of North American Alumni Association and is currently serving as President. He is currently the senior Pastor of Kingdom of God Ministries in Long Island NY with influence in community and local government. His passion for the success of the students at the school keeps him coming back to serve the purpose.
He is the married to his Harriet for 40 years and they have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. His work career that started at Lithographic in Georgetown has led to establishment of Gripperedge Copying and Printing in New York and currently in Print Production Management at a Worldwide Company Along with his relatives, Pastor Samuel John also maintains personal business interest in Guyana.
Sammy can be contacted by email at: directorSJohn@nrmssalumni.com
Sharon Van Cooten
Sharon Van CootenDirector
Sharon Van Cooten is a new Director for NRMSS Alumni Association. Sharon currently works at FedEx, where the skills and experience gained will be transferred over to the organization, to help achieve all goals and objectives.  Sharon was crowned Ms. Multilateral in 1985, and graduated in 1988. Sharon resides in Brooklyn, and is the married mother of three children.
Sharon can be contacted by email at: directorSVancooten@nrmssalumni.com
June Griffith
June GriffithDirector
June can be contacted by email at: directorjgriffith@nrmssalumni.com
Dorrius Forde
Dorrius FordeDirector
Dorrius can be contacted by email at: directorDForde@nrmssalumni.com