LogoThis year the NRMSS Alumni Association, US Chapter celebrates its 10th year since becoming a registered non-profit organization.  To commemorate this milestone and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s signature event was hosted via Zoom.  Directors Samuel John and Nalini Singh-Charlton were honored and presented with plaques in recognition of their continued service and dedication to the organization over the past 10 years.  Sammy served as a director and Nalini served as Vice President then.  Both are still serving as directors.  Congrats to Sammy and Nalini!!


Every year since 2010, the organization has hosted a Pre-Labor Day Party in recognition of our Anniversary.  Everyone comes out to reminisce and enjoy great music, tasty food, and giveaways as we work to raise funds for Multi.  However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of cancelling the event, our Events Planning Committee put together a Zoom Party with music provided by DJ Blaze, DJ Ranie and our very own Multi alumni DJ Cindy.  Thanks to the DJs for donating their time to our event.  Feedback from attendees was very encouraging.  Thanks to Myrvin Anthony for sharing this idea and being a part of its fruition.

Congrats to the winners of our Trivia questions!  

  1. In September 1975, NRMSS AKA “Multi” came into existence.  Whose idea was it to create this multi-faceted institution that caters to the all-around development of Guyanese children?  
    • Answer:   The late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham (aided by the Canadians).  And the winners are Dwight Ross and Karla Gaskin!
  2. “Multi” celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2015 and was upgraded same year to an “A” list School.  At the Feb 18th ceremony held at the school’s auditorium, who delivered the keynote address?
    • Answer:  Former and current Minister of Education Priya Manickchand.  And the winner is …. Charlene Baldeau
  3. Which “Multi” alum conducted the steel orchestra to three consecutive wins?  
    • Answer:  Ernie Trelfall.  And the winner is Dwight Ross!
  4. What did we call the “cooldown” man who wore a steel hard hat and rode a big ben?
    • Answer: BEAT THE HEAT!  The winner is Dwight Ross!!
  5. NRMSS was one of about 6 Multilaterals. Name 3 more!
    • Answer:   -New Amsterdam Multilateral

-Anna Regina Multilateral

-Bladen Hall Multilateral

-Bygeval Multilateral

-Christianburg (Linden) Multilateral

The winner is Dwight Ross!!

6. What is the “MOTTO” for Multi, and name 1 item depicted on the school’s badge!

    • Answer: WORK…STUDY…LEARN…TOGETHER (torch, book, etc.)  And the winners are Coliene Wright Baker and Karla Gaskin!

7. Who was the first “Multi” athlete to represent Guyana at the National level?

    • Answer: Darius Ford

Thanks to Odette Phillips, Simone Shuffler, Janice Inniss Nalini Singh Charlton and Allison Sampson for donating the prizes and to all who participated.


Food Hamper DonationThe USA and Local Chapters collaborated and provided over 300 food hampers to Multi families and alumni who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to our fellow alumni, family and friends for donating towards this Drive.  We could not have done this without you!

We are happy to report that we raised a total of $7,455.00 towards this Drive!  The Local Chapter executives dedicated themselves to delivering the hampers personally to each family, with no limit to location.  The hampers were well received.  Recipients were very thankful for such a timely donation. 

As the lockdown continues more families continue to need assistance.  Please continue to join us in supporting this cause.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated during these difficult and extraordinary times.  Please visit our website at www.nrmssalumni.com/dues-and-donations/ to donate.


We are happy to report that we shipped 2 commercial bin boxes of school supplies to the school.  This drive started three years ago.  Last year, each incoming student received a backpack which was presented at orientation day.  Due to the pandemic, the opening of school is not yet known.  However, the supplies will be ready for the students when school reopens.  The backpack drive will continue annually for all incoming students. 

The packing/shipping team included (from left to right) Samuel John, Oddette Phillips, Karen Skinner, Audrey Fredericks Edwards, Brian Daniels, Mark Weekes and Janice Inniss.  

If you would like to donate towards this annual Drive please visit the ‘Donations’ page on our website at www.nrmssalumni.com/dues-and-donations/.  You can also mail a check to Treasurer, NRMSS Alumni Association, PO Box 30300, Elmont, NY 10300.


We are proud to report the CXC results for our top students:  Top students, Amisha Schultz, Tatyana Braithwaite, Tianna Allicock and Nakada Grant, each obtained 14, 13, 12 and 12 subjects respectively; 2 were from the Science stream and 2 from the Business stream.  We are also proud to report that six students obtained 11 subjects and seven obtain 10 subjects.  These students will receive book certificates valued $100.00 each to purchase books for higher learning.  Head Mistress, Allison Cosbert proudly reported that 97% of the students received Grades 1 – 3.  Of the 62 students, 60 received passes in 5 or more subjects.  She also noted that the children are happy to receive the assistance from the alumni association and thinks that they are encouraged, knowing that there are others who care about them!

The alumni association continues to provide lapel pins and caps for all graduating students.  NRMSS Alumni Association also has been and continues to award laptops to the top four graduating students.  The laptops are furnished with the latest versions of software and operating system.

This year, in addition to the lapel pins and tassels, we will also be printing the certificate and furnishing the portfolios and seals for the Graduating Class of 2020.

We are happy to share our anniversary memorabilia with the Class of 2020 and Staff!


This year, in addition to the items donated for graduation, we will be providing new desktop computers to the school which will include Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2019.  The current desktops were provided in 2011 by the USA Chapter.  After 9 years of use and Updates of Windows and Microsoft Office software, there is an urgent need for replacement of these devices

We will also be providing 2 overhead fans for the Allied Arts Department, and 3 projectors and 1 smart TV for the Science and Foreign Languages Departments.  This will complete our projects for 2020.