Public Relations Update:

President Dexter Wyles reported that on March 29th, 2016, he participated in a conference call with the Presidents of the USA and Canada alumni Chapters, Audrey Fredericks Edwards and Andre Wiltshire respectively.  He disclosed that the agenda included the possibility of combining all suggested projects identified by each chapter.  Together we will work to complete the proposed projects.  Following are those additional contracts:

USA Alumni:

  • provide appliances stoves and refridgerators for the Home Economics Department (amount to be determined)
  • Completion of the IT Lab which include
  •     – Uniterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for (2) servers provided in2010.
  •     – Two (2) printers (1 colour and 1 black and wihite – Currently have none.
  •     – Mounting wire racks and servers
  •     – Storage cabinets for equipment and textbooks
  •      – New Door: to  secure the IT lab
  •      – Classroom Manageament Software
  •      – Curtains Management  SoftLevel
  •      – Curtains for the lab
  •       – Wireless access point for the entire school

Canada Chapter

  •        – Revitalize the drama at the school (collaborated effort with Guyana Chapter)