Steelband Instruments:

steel band

These instruments are extremely old and almost impossible to keep in tuned and need replacing.  It will be costly to replace the entire band.  However, we can start with the front-line (the soprano pans).  Donations and sponsorship are encouraged and would be greatly appreciated.  The letter below explains the need for this project.  Any questions or suggestions, please use our “Corridor Linkup” and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

Letter from the Head Mistress (ag) reads:

“Dear Audrey,

Mr Chapman is the only Music teacher in the school and yes Music is a subject taught at Grades 7 – 9. Over the past year Mr Chapman has been focussing on the practical aspect of music and students use the pans for this. However, practical sessions are challenging since the pans are housed in the Auditorium, the frequent use of which means that very often the pans are stored in the room adjoining the auditorium – it is crowded in there and practical sessions are curtailed.

To this end the School Improvement Plans includes the construction of the Allied Arts Department which will house the Music, Visual Arts and Theatre and Dance Departments (part of the proposed expansion of the academic programme). The cycle shed as you would have known in your time – is being converted to accommodate the Allied Arts Department. (very few students ride to school) Work has commenced, but seems to be slow. The last word from the Ministry is that works would be continued in the January. When this is completed, Music will have their own accommodation and would no longer be disturbed.

Mr. Chapman retired about ten years ago but is still tied to the school. The members of the band change with new intake of students but they are a dedicated group. During the week they rehearse during the lunch break. They also rehearse on Saturdays and are there every week without fail.

We would really like for the Alumni to treat this request as priority and we know that it is impossible to replace the entire band that is why Mr. Chapman suggested the front line pans first ( this will improve aesthetics).

The PTA is also making efforts to help but even though they received promises, there is nothing material so far. Steel pas music is still alive in school and the North Ruimveldt band is infamous (sometimes I think we are being taken for granted).

The school does not have other musical instruments but these were included for the proposed expansion, along with qualified Music teachers. We don’t know how much we will get but we are hopeful.

Mr. Aubrey Bryan has committed to donating a pair of chromed double seconds to the school when he returns to England.

Audrey We are imploring the Alumni to leave this project at the top of their list.

With thanks and God bless

Margaret  Joseph

Headmistress (ag)”