Warm and sincere greetings to you as you meet once again to reminisce, reconnected in friendship and to celebrate a culture of excellence and pride of service in your alma mater.

Headmistress Ms. JosephThe work you do and the dedication that you continue to demonstrate gives credence to the education that you have received at this noble institution. You have blossomed into individuals who are determined to support continued excellence.  Your hearts refuse to forget and your hands have not remained idle as you remain true to your motto – “Work, Study, Learn Together’.

We the staff and students, who are the beneficiaries of your hard work, applaud your efforts, and we are ever conscious that through your dynamism and devotion we have enjoyed increased comfort and safety as we dedicate our efforts to the teaching/learning process. To borrow the words of an unknown author –

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.

We remain grateful to the Alumni both Overseas and Local Chapters for your continued support.

Through visionary leadership, the commitment of teachers both past and present, and the resolve of students over recent years, this institution has been restored to its position of pride. The dedication of all stakeholders has resulted in the re-grading of this institution to ‘List A’ status. This is the only institution to date that has been re-graded due to sustained academic performance. We are indeed proud of this achievement and we know that you share this pride with us.

At this time, as you gather to celebrate, do so with pride knowing that the flag of North Ruimveldt Secondary School will always fly high. May your festivities be gratifying as you share values of hope and inspiration and may friendship live long in your hearts.

May God continue to bless you.

Margaret Joseph

Head Mistress (ag)