M BenjaminThe North Ruimveldt Secondary School has been the bedrock of educational institutions for thousands of individuals worldwide.  This institution has churned out doctors, nurses, politicians, lawyers, public service officials and sportsmen/women of world renown.

Over the years, ‘Multi,’ as it is familiarly referred to, has undergone a physical and infrastructural metamorphosis.  Notwithstanding, the school, through the efforts of the staff and the support of the local and overseas alumni, has continued to produce some of the best brains that continue to be of immense viability in every sector, both locally and internationally.

Currently, the local chapter is engaged in discussions with the private sector and administrators of the school to have the playfield reinstated to an acceptable state for the children’s extracurricular and other sports activities.  Funds are of immense importance and the local group has already organized a ‘Back in Time’ dance that has accrued some funding for the aforementioned initiative.  We continue to work strenuously to achieve our goals and without letting too much out of the bag, can say that we are making progress.

Consequently, we have noted the hard work of the USA Alumni in similar developmental activities and obviously wish to extend congratulations for such sterling efforts.  This could not be achieved devoid of sustained input from all stakeholders and to a greater extent, the shrewd and thoughtful leadership exemplified by President, Audrey Fredericks Edwards and her hard working executives.

It is, therefore, with much pleasure and pride that I, in my capacity of President of the (Guyana) chapter of the Alumni, on behalf of the hard working executives, extend good luck to our counterparts in the USA as they continue to throw their mental and physical resources into the development and sustenance of the school, its teachers, children and other stakeholders all with similar aspirations.

Good luck and the best of wishes.  Long live good old Multi!

Mike Benjamin
President of the Guyana Chapter