Nalini CharltonNalini completed her High School education at NRMSS from the Arts stream in 1988. She was very shy during her first two years, but after auditioning for the opening dance at the “Miss Multi 1985” pageant and securing a spot, her hidden passions were awaken and she started overcoming her shyness. Nalini became an active member of the school’s dance club, headed by Mrs. Ester Granger. In 1986, with a little encouragement from both her dance teacher and classmates, she entered the contest and was crowned “Miss Senior Multi”. In 1987 and 1988, Nalini trained the models and assisted Mrs. Granger in organizing the Miss Multilateral Pageant. In 1989 when she no longer attended the school, Nalini sat on the panel as a judge for the contest. During her last two years at the school, Nalini also served on the school’s Student Body as a Senior Prefect and then as Deputy Head Prefect.

Nalini’s greatest passion is that of the wellbeing of others so at 18 years old she decided to forge a career in the health field. She started out at the Red Cross children’s Convalescent Home in Durban Backlands and eventually worked her way over to the St Joseph Mercy Hospital. Nalini continued modeling, competitively and at times just for fun. She also joined Crystalite Dance Company and performed with the owner (Carey Bookie) at the National Cultural Center, Nation Sports Hall, Linden Sports Complex and Hollywood Night Club.

Nalini believes that her experience at Multilateral School played a very big part in making her the confident woman she has become today. Her school days were some of her best days where many of her lifelong friendships were forged. After migrating to the U.S in 1992, she continued her friendships with those left behind and rekindled many here. One of those friendships and facebook were actually how Nalini got to meet Mark Johnston; and it was with her vision for a Multilateral Reunion, and his eagerness to make it happen, that they formed a group and held the 2010 Reunion. The event was magnificent and due to the overwhelming response, the current U.S chapter was reborn. Nalini served on the committee as Vice President for the 2011-2013 term, and PRO and Director from  2014 to 2015.  She is currently serving in the capacity as a Director for a third consecutive term.  Nalini does not deny the fact of the last 4 years being challenging at times, but she is confident that growth for this organization is inevitable. She continues to urge all former students to get on board, by supporting this committee in giving back to their Alma Mater.

This proud self-employed mother of two boys and wife currently resides in Southern Florida.