Executive Committee Members

Renita Duesbury Tyler
Renita Duesbury TylerPresident
Renita attended NRMSS from its inception in 1975 to 1980 where she graduated from the Agricultural Science Stream and thereafter transferred to St. Roses High School.
Audrey Edwards
Audrey EdwardsVice President
Audrey Fredericks Edwards attended NRMSS from 1975 to 1980, and graduated from the Home Economics Stream under the direction of Mrs Alleyne and Ms Dolphin.
Gillian Wyles Harding
Gillian Wyles HardingSecretary
Gillian Wyles joined NRMSS in 1976 and graduated from the Arts Stream in 1982. Multi, being the type of school that afforded students the opportunity to participate and excel in sports and arts…
Leon Sears
Leon SearsTreasurer
Leon graduated class of 1985, with other classmates including Ivor Thompson, Dwight Ross and Gregory Wyles. Leon migrated to the US in 1986, and has resided primarily in the metro New York/New Jersey area.
Andre Richards
Andre RichardsPublic Relations Officer
Andre Richards attended Multi from 1978 thru 1982. During his years at Multi he was an avid sports personality. One being a table tennis player who represented the school in tournaments.
Samuel John
Samuel JohnDirector
Samuel John attended North Ruimveldt Multilateral School from it’s opening in 1975 to 1979. He was one of the well-known students for some good and bad things.
Nalini Charlton
Nalini CharltonDirector
Nalini completed her High School education at NRMSS from the Arts stream in 1988. Nalini believes that Multilateral School has played a big part in the confident woman she is today.
Sonia Chase Rodney
Sonia Chase RodneyAssistant Secretary
Sonia Chase attended North Ruimveldt Multilateral Secondary School in the glory days from September 1985 to 1990. She wanted a career in the health care industry therefore the Science Stream was the obvious choice.
Brian Daniels
Brian DanielsDirector
Brian Daniels is the newest alum to join the executive committee. Brian is the ultimate professional who brings a lot of organizational and volunteering skills to the team. Brian believes in giving back and paying it forward.
Allison Sampson
Allison SampsonAssistant Treasurer
As part of the first batch of students to enter the second form, Allison attended multi as it is affectionately known as a science student. After leaving Multi, Allison worked as a hair stylist and also with her father’s company.