Allison SampsonAs part of the first batch of students to enter the second form, Allison attended multi as it is affectionately known as a science student. She was always into sports, and was part of the netball, table tennis, rounders, and field hockey school teams. She tried her hand at high jump, but her efforts did not equate to success. She was more famously known as the girl who rode her ten-speed bike everywhere.

After leaving Multi, Allison worked as a hair stylist and also with her father’s company. She emigrated to the UK where she lived for 7 years before returning to Guyana and thereafter emigrating to the US in the late 1990’s.

She pursued a career in healthcare and has over the last 17 years made several trips back home as a healthcare volunteer. She was formerly part of the original NRMSS alumni association and has returned in the capacity as assistant treasurer with the hopes of making an impact on the institution that provided the foundation for her current successes.